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Scott Scher
29-01-06, 09:28 PM
We are proud to announce that Arachnopets.com will be presenting ArachnoCon 2006 (http://www.arachnocon.info/) in San Antonio, Texas. July 13-15 2006. We hope that this event will be the biggest and best of its kind ever held in the US. ArachnoCon 2006 will feature ArachnoExpo - a full day arachnid sales exhibition for ArachnoCon attendees, and the public, that will also be open the previous night for a special preview for registered ArachnoCon attendees only.

We are pleased to announce that sponsors of the event include: ARACHNOCULTURE magazine (http://www.arachnoculture.com), Hagen/Exo Terra (http://www.exo-terra.com), The Bug Company (http://www.ebugco.com), Superior Enterprise (http://www.superiorenterprise.com), and Thornton Plastics (http://www.thorntonplastics.com).

You want to know how special ArachnoCon 2006 will be?!? Well, the keynote speakers are German tarantula experts Volker von Wirth and Martin Huber!!! Other speakers include Arachnoculture publisher and Spider Shoppe owner - Michael Jacobi, our very own "Skinheaddave" - David Desoer, "A Color Guide to Tarantulas of the World I & II" author and author of the new "Tarantulas and Scorpions in Captivity" - Russ Gurley, Bruce Effenheim and Billy Korinek of Theraphosid Breeding Project, and Texas tarantula expert Dave Moellendorf.

So surf on over to the website - www.arachnocon.info (http://www.arachnocon.info) and learn more about it.

Register early (http://www.arachnocon.info/arachnocon/registration.html) and save! Early registration discount good until March 31st 2006. (see site for instructions).

Book a room at the headquarters hotel (http://www.arachnocon.info/arachnocon/hotel.html) using the special group rate (see site for instructions).

Please let us know what you think and come participate in the Arachnocon 2006 Discussion Thread (http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=59108) in the Arachnofunctions forum.

We hope to see our friends from the other side of the pond there. :D

Scott & Debby

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