View Full Version : Newark AES 2nd december 2007

Sonny Howdle
30-09-07, 01:38 PM
Because its been asked, here are the details for AES Newark.

AES Newark
2nd December 2007 (sunday)
Grove leasuire ceneter
london road
ng24 3al

doors open 11am
3 to get in
lots of dead bugs and stuff but lots of spider sellers.
good show but not real big.
There is a cafe upstairs with food and drinks.

mary walters
03-10-07, 03:19 PM
Just have to twist Trev's arm now

Jay Howdle
07-10-07, 11:16 AM
Its well & truelly twisted Mary, he better take ya!!!!!!
Come on Trev, pull ya sox up & get ya butt to Newark, If I gotta take Sonny then you have NO exsuses!!!!!!!!
J x

mary walters
12-10-07, 07:32 PM
We are coming Jay

Mark Jolly
18-11-07, 02:30 PM
Well what the hell itll be a drive out from Newcastle, hope to see a few of you there

Neil Brew
27-08-08, 11:30 AM
anybody know who to contact if I wanted to sell my tarantulas at the AES at newark on december the 7th?

thanks, Neil

Colin D Wilson
27-08-08, 11:56 AM
This was last years show matey......

as this threads now near the top of the "recently posted on list" i'm sure someone will notice it and be able to point you in the right direction