View Full Version : Cyriocosomus sp 'Bolivia'

mary walters
31-10-07, 06:26 PM
Well, I don't know if this is a sucess or not. We bought some adult sp 'Bolivia' from Lee and mated our male with 3 out of 4 adult females. 1 female died, 1 female moulted out, 1 produced a sac form which we have only 9 spiderlings, 1 female looks to be webbing up for a sac, and the male died.

This is our first attempt with tinies but they are lovely spiders, I am now waiting on a mature male sp elegans from Steven so I can mate up the females again.

I didn't expect so many eggs to die to be honest, but if this female lays I will leave it with her and let it hatch, maybe I will get more that way.