View Full Version : My smithi

jason holland
29-02-08, 04:29 PM
just a small video of my smithi. i am testing out lighting etc at the moment, as im planning on making a couple of vids of him/her hunting some juicy crickets :D

YouTube - Brachypelma smithi tarantula (b. smithi - mexican red knee)

ooh yeah.... this was taken with a mobile phone... so its not superb quality... but its better than some rubbish you get on youtube... ie. you can actually see what it is lol

Nicola Dolby
18-03-08, 10:39 AM
I love the way the pen appears when your tarantula decides not to move. Pure classic. Well done Jason, you're a star!

jason holland
18-03-08, 12:49 PM
lol thank you :)

jason holland
01-04-08, 03:59 PM
video moved