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Peter Lacey
01-08-08, 05:42 PM
In March I organised an Essex meet - a gathering of like minded folk which involved a visit to 2 exotic shops, starting with lunch and coffees at my house.
All pretty informal stuff but the chance to have a get-together and meet in RL rather than a forum and have a good chat. I'm up for another!

I live in Hornchurch and we'll be visiting Jungle Phase, a shop a short walk from mine, followed by a visit to Cold Blooded. Both shops hold snakes, lizards and inverts however Cold Blooded manages to cram a hell of a variety into a small shop. It has a great reputation and I've informed the owner we're coming so he'll arrange some discount as well as making sure he has good stock.
Lots of tarantula, Geckos, Scorps, Centis, frogs, dragons, corns and tortoise. Of interest is the huge Snapper turtle, 3 x Fiji Island Iguana, Large albino Python, Large Poison Arrow frog enclosure, Lenny the African Bull frog and some crocs.

There's also the opportunity to bring a few specimens to show off, sell privately or swaps.

If anyone's interested please let me know, address details will be supplied via pm.

Midday start at my house
Persian Pomegranate curry (sweet) & Pakistani Tamarind & Tomato (Hot) Curry or BBQ

2pm a quick visit to Jungle Phase
3pm arrive at Cold Blooded.

PS: If a mod would like to move this to the event forum I'd appreciate it, I had continual probs drying to do so. Thanks

Matthew Baines
01-08-08, 06:40 PM
Why cant there be more meetings / events up here in the north :(. I would go too them all , i must learn too drive soon!!!!

Peter Lacey
01-08-08, 06:53 PM
Tee-hee Matthew, its because I found all events were miles away from me that I decided to have a relaxed event nearer (or at) to home.
You'll be well position for the BTS show in May.

Matthew Baines
01-08-08, 07:05 PM
You'll be well position for the BTS show in May.

Still a hike but it will be worth it

Colin D Wilson
01-08-08, 08:05 PM
Well at the mo all's well for a visit from me.

I've moved the thread as you requested so all "should" be well. (or i'll get a slap on the wrists from Admin :))
The other posts you made were "waiting moderation", possibly to authenticate?. (i've deleted them to clear up a bit)

Andrew Ferguson
01-08-08, 08:06 PM
Why cant there be more meetings / events up here in the north :(.

My thoughts too. There are quite a few people on here from the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area. There's that place t'other side o' Pennines, but we don't really talk about them though ;)

Matthew Baines
01-08-08, 08:22 PM
My thoughts too. There are quite a few people on here from the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area. There's that place t'other side o' Pennines, but we don't really talk about them though ;)

Your ok buddy i live about 5 miles away from that there place , the border town todmorden is the murder capital of the north of england

Lisa Baines
01-08-08, 10:44 PM
Your ok buddy i live about 5 miles away from that there place , the border town todmorden is the murder capital of the north of england

One thing i love about you hun... always so bright and full of cheer!

James Box
02-08-08, 11:48 AM
at any rate i'll be there Peter...the last was great fun. the menu sounds brilliant too!

Matthew and Lisa, bet you could hook something up for the northerners!

03-08-08, 01:23 PM
Julie and I are comming :) mmmmmmmmm curry is our favourite........ and shopping with James ( how many newts are you buying? ) plus Colin and Pete - how could we miss it

Matthew Fitzgerald
03-08-08, 08:50 PM
I have 4 tarantulas a royal python and a common boa constrictor all bought from either coldblooded or jungle phase. Great shops with everything you need and a whole lot more.
You will all have a fantastic visit i'm sure.
Oh and take plenty of cash coz you will find that special something you never expected too.

Peter Lacey
19-08-08, 10:28 AM
Less than 3 weeks to go folks, everyone's welcome

James Box
21-08-08, 02:05 PM
lol Sylvi, i wouldn't mind more newts and toads. the newts i got last time all seem to be male:p
as for the toads...the more the merrier. they have loads of room.
will attempt to resist most other things:p

will Julie be loading up on a whole ONE animal again? :D
oh right, you did get the OBT as well...lol
at any rate, that's willpower/self control i can respect!

Peter, may need some versis and ornata off you, possibly...

Peter Lacey
21-08-08, 03:39 PM
I've promised the mrs I'm scaling down on the amounts (even I don't know how many I've got) so I'm currently offering the slings below if anyone wants to secure them but everyone that comes will go home with at least 1 freebie \o/

B. albopilosum - Honduran Curly Hair 5
B. boehmei - Mexican Flame Knee 3
A. versicolor - Martinique Pink Toe 8
P. murinus TCF - Mombassa Golden Starburst baboon 6 - 7
H. gigas - Cameroon Red Baboon 5
P. ornata - Fringed Ornamental 5

And its possible I'll have some T. Apophosis too!

21-08-08, 10:53 PM
Ok then Pete,
I'll haaaaaaaaaave.........mmmmmmmm............. 2 x ornata, and 2 x P murinus as I've decided after much thought not to get a tortoise. Plus of course I'll have to get something at the shop.
James, you need to buy one of those really big frogs that look like a mound of brown jelly - was it a Bull Frog?
.... and Julie mustn't get anything as she is off to Uni in a year and needs to cut down....... but then again I bet if there is a nice female carrot tail gecko there she'll buy it.

Peter Lacey
30-08-08, 04:38 PM
One week to go and the numbers are gaining, plus we should see a visit from Martin Goss at some point. Every visitor goes home with a freebie, looking forward to meeting you and sharing some good food and great chat.
oh, and there's the trampoline too!

Peter Lacey
03-09-08, 11:53 AM
For those attending Martin Goss has kindly given us a discount on all orders PICKED UP on the day which combined with the saving from postage gives us another temptation on our wallets. His list ranges over various inverts with 10% discount on everything and 25%+ discount on certain items eg.
Israeli Tarantula - was , offer price 3.75
Peruvian Green Velvet - was 10, offer price 7.50
Salmon Pink Birdeater slings - was 2, offer price 1.80
Red or Black Trap Door - was 10, offer price 5
Indian Social Spiders (group) - was 20, offer price 15 (check these out)
Madras Forest Scorpion - was 20, offer price 15
Its worth noting that Martin supplies both the shops we're attending for a proportion of their stock so you'll find these are cheaper than what you'll find them in the shops eg. the Chilian Copper Chevron was 15, offered for 13.50 but for sale in the shops for 20+.

If anyone wishes to see the full list in .xlsx (Excel xml file) send me a pm with your email address. You can order in advance direct from Martin on 07930 421431 for pick up and his site can be viewed here: http://www.martingoss.co.uk/ plus there's the added benefit of speaking to him in person about your purchases.

Colin D Wilson
06-09-08, 08:01 PM
Right, well i'd just like to pre-thank Peter for putting on this little shindig. (couldn't resist the curry actually)
I'll be nipping into mary's on the way so if anyone else has spiders waiting at marys (and are going to Peters) then PM her and tell her to put them in the box and i'll bring them down.
I'll be bringing about 150+ cheap spiders (slings mainly) so there'll be something for sale (obviously a few freebies as well). not decided what i'm bringing yet so don't ask http://www.arachnophiles.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif.
Got a few "show and tell" species to bring along that a few may not have seen before. (it's a wait and see what http://www.arachnophiles.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif)
Also have surplus to requirements a 6" female T blondi + 2x1x1 tank/lid/flouro light/setup complete. i will only sell this as a complete jobbie, so if you're interested and are going to peters....70.... PM me. (i haven't time tonight to take photos i'm afraid, we all know what a blondi looks like)

See all who are going tomorrow.

08-09-08, 12:37 PM
Thank You Very Much Pete and Nicky!!!!!! for having us all round to play yesterday - hey how come Colin and James got a sleep over?!! It was great, we had a wonderful time. The curries were delicious, the company was excellent and I'm well pleased with my spiders. The cyrio's ( all of them ) and cambrigs are fab - I just love them. I got a Pampho fortis :) a first of this type for me - and what a lively fiesty bundle of joy he is - and he is a male. I'm going to have to keep him in the kitchen so look out for the fireworks in this corner of Hampshire! Thanks again Pete, can't wait for the next one :)

Peter Lacey
08-09-08, 02:45 PM
Glad you enjoyed yourself Sylvi, it was great to see you and Julie again as well as other familiar faces and some new ones. I really had a great laugh, very enjoyable and everyone helped to make it so. The selection of spids around the kitchen was hilarious, no room for the food! The lost faces in your car when I returned to Tescos, the running C. thorelli, James's pot of leaves (a bargain at a tenner, but who put the money spider in there?), the eye-grabbing hedgehog and finally your wonderful cake - nobody believed there was actually cake in there. Your gift of a versi was hilarious too, but very much appreciated, I want to keep them all !!!!

Colin D Wilson
08-09-08, 03:56 PM
The whole day was brilliant, a huge thanks to the "Lacey tribe" for hosting the event :)
Spider infestation is correct, i dont think there was a table or work surface in the kitchen or dining room that didn't have a spider on it.
It was a great chance to meet up with like minded folk again and have a good "chill out"

There was no "sleep over" involved Sylvi, by the time James and myself had driven to his house, eaten a kebab and I'd had a complete tour of his collection the time had creeped round the 04.30 hrs.

08-09-08, 07:11 PM
Ah...... a sleep-over in disguise!! pretending to look at James' zoo. lol mmmm an Essex sleepover sounds good ..... do we get to watch tarantula movies all night :) ?