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Chris Sainsbury
31-12-08, 01:43 AM
Here my good and bad for 2008. I didn’t breed too much this year but still it was enough for me and a couple new species bred for the first time for me also, so I can’t complain.
Did the usual Psalmopoeus species like most years but gave the reduncus a rest (not that they wanted a rest as it turned out)
Psalmopoeus cambridgei 1 x good eggsac
Psalmopoeus irminia 2 x good eggsacs
Psalmopoeus pulcher 2 x sort off good eggsacs (1 contained only two nymph 2 rest of sac was bad and from the other sac only half of the sac made it through to spiderling for some unknown reason) 1 x eggsac eaten. Spot the two nymphs I saved :D!
Psalmopoeus reduncus 3 x phantom eggsacs
Haplopelma minax 1 x good eggsac
Cyriopagopus schieodtei 1 x good eggsac
Stromatopelma calceatum 1 x good eggsac
Lampropelma violaceopes 1x good eggsac
Chilobrachys fimbratus 1 x eggsac eaten
Chilobrachys sp. “andersoni” 2 x phantom eggsacs
Chilobrachys dyscolus 1 x phantom eggsac
Orphnaecus sp. “negro’s” 3 x phantom eggsacs
Avicularia minatrix 1 x eggsac eaten
Think that was it. I dont expect much for next year as I have nothing mated up yet and have no plans to mate anything either in the near or even distant future for the time being.


Mark Pennell
31-12-08, 12:17 PM
Well done Chris!


Guy Tansley
31-12-08, 12:32 PM
Good stuff Chris,

got any soldiers to dip into that H. minax eggsac? ;-)

Phil Rea
31-12-08, 08:06 PM
Cracking job on the minax sac. Did you use some sort of template to cut the top off or was it freehand? :D

Well done Chris, that's a good haul :)

Colin D Wilson
01-01-09, 01:44 PM
Good going as always mate, and i have to agree with Phil & Guy...thats an awsome trimming job on the minax sac :)

Lisa Baines
02-01-09, 01:15 AM
What came 1st... the chicken or the egg?????


Well done on all the successes mate :)