View Full Version : Selenocosmia dichromata

andy hood
22-05-09, 07:51 PM
w/c female recieved on the 6th may , egg sac found today laid sometime in the last couple of days

mary walters
22-05-09, 07:55 PM
Thats fast Andy, hope my ebonys are as fast.

andy hood
22-05-09, 08:12 PM
it certainly is fast mary , i had her in the show on sunday too !!!, i thought she was a bit rotund for a w/c specimin , but had no idea she was gravid :D:D

mary walters
23-05-09, 09:24 AM
OOOOh will have to keep an eye on my females then, you got a Brucie bonus love good luck

andy hood
23-05-09, 10:10 AM
aye some of yours may be gravid already mary , you never know ??!! i did indeed get a brucie bonus with this one heheheh:D:D

andy hood
16-06-09, 09:33 PM
Bad news she ate her egg sac a while ago :(

James Box
29-06-09, 01:05 AM
sorry to hear that Andy:(

andy hood
03-07-09, 08:26 AM
thanks james i was gutted she ate it, i should have put her in a quieter area of my spider room with less disturbance thoughi think