View Full Version : Cyclosternum pentalore

James Box
07-06-09, 03:42 AM
a Cyclosternum pentalore i purchased in Nov/Dec 2007 as a juvenile, and matured as a male a few months back has finally had his shot at glory!
after he matured, i ended up purchasing a female from Lee at the spidershop.
initial attempts failed, and it emerged that she needed a moult.
i finally paired them tonight. after a good long wait, he finally started approaching her, so i let them be. he disappeared into her hide and i couldn't see what was happening.
he started backing out and it emerged she was flipped over so i have every confidence he got in there.
sadly, in the ensuing scuffle (she was angry!) he lost a pedipalp. however, he escaped with his life.
will keep you up to date on further developments...Lee tells me it takes roughly two weeks for this female to drop, so shouldn't have to wait long!!!

Colin D Wilson
07-06-09, 09:50 PM
Good luck with this James, updates welcome as usual :)

mary walters
08-06-09, 07:55 AM
Good luck James love

James Box
08-06-09, 12:45 PM
thanks Mary and Colin:)

andy hood
16-06-09, 09:32 PM
good luck james, fingers crossed you get a healthy egg sac :p

Gareth Rees
17-06-09, 07:30 PM
Any new developments with this James?

James Box
27-06-09, 10:19 AM
sadly it doesn't look like the male succeeded. it's now been nearly a month and she hasn't shown any signs of gravidity.
also, i found the male dead recently, so i can't try again.
oh well, guess that's how it goes!

lynn mawdesley
27-06-09, 11:16 PM
Only just seen this mate :( what a shame eh! best of luck in trying again x

James Box
29-06-09, 12:16 AM
oh definitely will give it a go in the near future, i am sure! she is not going anywhere, so could just see if others want to risk their males to a very nasty female in the slim hope of a few slings lol
nevermind, just how it goes! i had the male for a couple years nearly, and he matured a few months back, so i had some good time with him!

James Box
17-08-09, 12:19 PM
well, i took her to Wes Flower to mate with his male.
i had been busy so had to pack all i was taking in a hurry and didn't look too closely.
got to his said, i have this pentalore for mating... he said, no you don't! she already has a sac!!!
so...success?!?! bit longer than i expected but there you go!
will update when/if slings emerge or she eats it! hopefully the former of those three choices:p obviously:p

andy hood
20-08-09, 06:05 PM
congratulation james , hope all goes wel with the sac :D