View Full Version : A. sp. "Kwitara river" success

Elaine Ross
06-10-09, 09:58 AM
To say I am chuffed is an understatement :D This could be a UK first captive mating to eggsac to nymph 2 success? As far as we are aware there were eggsacs from WC females that had subsequently been eaten or appeared to be unfertilised.

I paired my adult female A. sp. "Kwitara river" and my own mature male on the 7/7/09. The female dropped an eggsac on the 24/8/09 and we removed it a couple of days ago as it looked like things just werent quite right with the eggsac reducing in size. A lot of the eggs looked to be possibly unfertilised and had gone bad. We did manage to get a few nymph 2's though which is exciting.

We will be writing up a detailed breeding report including temps etc for submission to a future BTS journal.

The pair

result - a few of these :)

Colin D Wilson
06-10-09, 03:04 PM
As i said when we pulled the sac... a nice little result in unknown territory

all your own work from start to finish (apart from the spiders part :)) ...proud of you :)

Elaine Ross
07-10-09, 03:31 PM
Thanks darlin :)

andy hood
13-10-09, 06:08 PM
well done elaine :D:D