View Full Version : MM available - Cyphonisia sp. silver

Lisa Ashforth
15-02-10, 09:05 AM
Available now if anyone has a female and wants to have a go at pairing them up. Matured about Xmas time and is out of his trap at night now looking for females.

I've had 2 people make enquiries about this male, and despite asking for contact details in order to post him or hand him over at Bugfest, have had no reply. If you're serious about wanting him, please contact me via PM. If it's too much effort to give me your address so I can post him, please don't trouble yourself.

No 50/50, I've found it too much trouble trying to get males back or get news of any mating outcomes so I'm only doing 50/50s with friends now.

You can buy him for 12 including RMSD and a heat pack if it's cold. I accept paypal (gift) or hidden cash sent recorded.

Lisa Ashforth
15-02-10, 03:19 PM
The trapdoor is no longer available.