View Full Version : P.Regalis, Time-Lapse Moult [HD]

Lee Corless
08-06-10, 03:32 PM

Io, My Poecilotheria regalis, Moulted yesterday and I managed to catch it all on camera.

Paolo Trabucco
08-06-10, 07:25 PM
That Video its just awsome !!!!

Andrew Oels-Wallis
09-06-10, 10:20 AM
Absolutely wow!

I adopted a P. regalis from the recent B.T.S. Exhibition, and the very next day she'd moulted and I missed it.

The hammock she created looked very comfy, and I was really surprised to see 'two' of them in the tub the next day!

At least now I know what actually happened overnight. :)

Lee Corless
09-06-10, 01:46 PM
Yeah, It's a shame when they moult when not expecting it. I knew she was in pre-moult so it was just a case of setting up the camera and hitting the record button and just hoping you catch something... I bought a camcorder with a 16gig memory built in so i can record for 11 hours so I can leave it on over night just so I could catch something like this... I also have a B.vagans sling that is moulting as I type, and I am also recording that. So this will be my 3rd moult I have recorded. So I have been lucky really....