View Full Version : Holothele incei success

Martin Lees
14-07-12, 06:08 PM

Special care.
None really,Male bought at BTS show on 20 th may,2012 from Craig mackay.he did a sperm web a couple of days later.

26 th May,2012
Mm got an insert straight away,and was then removed

Post mating care.
Two days after mating the female webbed up her burrow,so I placed her tank on the top shelf in spider room 82' which is slightly warmer than we're she was.

Time to eggsack.
26 days.8 th June,2012

Pulled Eggsack.
1 st July,2012
Noticed 109 N2,s

Final details.
7 th July,2012. All molted to spiderlings.

109 N2
Hopefully most of these will go to members of MISC(Manchester invert and spider club)