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Mark Pennell
10-09-05, 12:02 PM
7th of October
Amateur Entomologists Society London Exhibition
Held at Kempton Park Racecourse
Doors Open 10.30am - 4pm | Admission: £3.00, Under 16's £1.00
>> Directions << (http://www.kempton.co.uk)

Visit the BTS stand and say hello!

Joshua Huckle
25-06-06, 11:59 AM
Yeah, I heared about that from my mate, Steve.

I know understand the BTS will have one/some stalls there.

Mark Pennell
25-06-06, 12:36 PM
The BTS show is far bigger and is a dedicated tarantula show, the biggest and the best of its kind in the UK. The AES has only a handful of traders dealing tarantulas, although there seems to be more and more every year, which is a good thing.

Things you will find at the Kempton show:
The BTS Stand - worth a visit to say hello and join.
Lee at Spidershop.co.uk - Comprehensive list of spiders for sell, including the recent Australasian imports.
A few European traders with tarantulas and stick insects.

Lots of dead butterflies and insects - after itís an entomologistís show!
Good selection of books and equipment

So 100 times bigger - nope!
Good show and worth the effort to get there a resounding YES!


Joshua Huckle
30-06-06, 09:59 PM
Thanks, for that Mark. :D

James Metcalf
11-08-06, 05:02 PM
why arnt there any shows further north ? like newcastle or some where ?

Joshua Huckle
29-08-06, 04:43 PM
Most of us (Correct me here ;) ) probally live around the South-West, South-East and the Midlands.

Adam Smith
30-08-06, 09:54 AM
It makes sense to hold events such as the BTS in midlands as its right in middle of country and roughly the same distance and time to get there from both north and south end. I went to the BTS in May and takes bout 4-4.30 hours get there, with my girlfriends driving 3- 3.30 and will be the same distance and time when move up to middlesborough. So it makes sense to hold it where it is accessible from all areas.

James Metcalf
30-08-06, 11:29 AM
well any way im gunna try to get to the AES but unsure bout were im goin at the moment buh gettin there is 1/2 the fun

Daniel Carpenter
30-08-06, 03:15 PM
I might try and make it :)

James Metcalf
30-08-06, 06:52 PM
yhe daniel you should myt see u there yhe the trains are really expensive national express is really cheap tho £29 return from middlesbrough

Dave Gunter
30-08-06, 11:44 PM
I'm lucky with this one as it's only an hour down the road from me - cya there :)

James Metcalf
31-08-06, 07:29 AM
yhe dave hopefully i can get there ill see u there if i can

Adam Smith
31-08-06, 09:53 AM
Wont be goin to the AES show im saving for the lectures in Feb and exhibition in May :lol:

Daniel Carpenter
31-08-06, 06:08 PM
ye...good idea :)

James Metcalf
31-08-06, 09:24 PM
yhe i hope to go to the exibition also in may