View Full Version : BTS Exhibition May 2014

Phil Geraghty
09-10-13, 05:30 PM
Hi all,

Did everyone spot the sneaky banner update posted by Ray to the main BTS site?


18th May 2014, and a new venue... What's not to love??? We have already booked our hotel room as there's only 121 rooms in the hotel and last year there were about 1500 attendees to the exhibition.. No way in the world I'm going to miss the BTS Exhibition pre-show party next year!!!




richard looker
10-10-13, 09:36 AM
Good news. Easy to get to and find. Well organised venue.

See you there!

richard looker
10-10-13, 09:38 AM
PS you've put 2013 in your post ;)

Phil Geraghty
10-10-13, 10:48 AM
Shows how awake I was... *edits*



Sue Towers
06-11-13, 08:45 AM
Pre show party!? I can't find details. Please direct me! Thank you Sue.. EDIT* HAHA found it!!

Phil Geraghty
06-11-13, 09:00 AM
Booom! It's going to be amazing...

Strongly recommend booking into the hotel at BTS rates (as per the website http://exhibition.thebts.co.uk lol) as the party is likely to be in the bar attached to the arena where we're also hosting the exhibition... Bed and Breakfast and no need for taxi/driving to/from the party *and* we can roll down to breakfast in the morning before dragging ourselves over to the exhbition for spider'o'clock.. It's going to be incredible! I personally can't wait!

By the way - booking the room doesn't mean you have to pay now, they don't take any money. :-)