View Full Version : Harpactira marksi success

Martin Lees
13-01-17, 04:21 PM
Harpactira marksi
successful breeding
AF Molted October 2015
paired Nov/Dec 2015
female was kept at around 23/24'c and fed as normal
end of February 2016 her tub was wetted and temperature was put up to around 26/27'c
she dropped a sack around end of March 2016
I took out the fixed sack on 28th April 2016 to 2nd stage Nymphs
They molted to Slings around a month later
total 47

http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i324/bumberclot/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-01/B015F2B2-DD7C-46AD-903D-5D85C399C369_zpsxo8wcxh2.jpg (http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i324/bumberclot/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-01/B015F2B2-DD7C-46AD-903D-5D85C399C369_zpsxo8wcxh2.jpg)

Mark Pennell
19-01-17, 12:12 PM
Again great job Lee