This is the second eggsac from these pairings.

Female: He_ma_7

Female's Most Recent Molt: 20-Jan-11

First Pairing: 4-Mar-11

Final Pairing: 4-Mar-11

Total Number of Pairings:1

Male: He_ma_11

Male's Ultimate Molt: 29-Nov-10

Eggsac Found: 10-Jul-11

Eggsac Pulled: 27-Jul-11

Post Embryo (EWL) Molt: 7-Jul-11

1st Instar Molt: 2-Aug-11

2nd Instar Molt: 20-Aug-11



1st Instars

2nd Instars

Poecilotheria fasciata

Female: Po_fa_20

Female's Most Recent Molt: 27-Feb-11

First Pairing Date: 18-Mar-11

Final Pairing Date: 18-Mar-11

Total Number of Pairings: 1

Male: Po_fa_21

Male's Ultimate Molt Date: Unknown

Eggsac Found: 11-Jun-11

Eggsac Pulled: 3-Jul-11

Condition When Pulled: Post Embryos (EWL)

1st Instar Molt: 26-Jul-11

2nd Instar Molt: 10-Aug-11


With eggsac:

Post Embryos

1st Instars

2nd Instars

Pterinochilus murinus

Female: Pt_mu_24

Female's Most Recent Molt: 28-Mar-11

First Pairing Date: 19-Jun-11

Final Pairing Date: 19-Jun-11

Total Number of Pairings: 1

Male: Pt_mu_23

Male's Ultimate Molt: 21-Apr-11

Eggsac Found: 14-Jul-11

Eggsac Pulled: 27-Jul-11

Condition When Pulled: Post embryos (EWL)

1st Instar Molt: 4-Aug-11

2nd Instar Molt?-Aug-11 (I was out of town when they molted)


With Eggsac:

1st Instars:

2nd Instars: