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Thread: BTS journal volume 27 number 4 added to cart

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    Carly, did you get an answer to this? Your best bet is to email the webmaster directly or pm him on here (Mark P.) and he will help if he didn't already see your post.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Carly Edwards View Post
    I know this is an old thread, but I've been trying to download this issue of the journal and having no luck. I understand there are alot of changes being done to the site, but us there anyway I'd be able to get hold of a download? Steve dye pointed me to an article I'm very interested in reading
    Sorry I never saw this post! What article do you require? There are only four back issues available to members, we are putting our back issues online in the shopping cart. However if you require a article in a previous back issue not online ask me direct and ill sort out for you ASAP> ill forward you this volume


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