View Full Version : Venomous room at breeders' expo europe

Lutz Obelgönner
17-11-08, 12:27 PM
Dear forum members,

At the next Breeders' Expo Europe on 15. March 2009 we will provide a large, separate room for venomous snakes for the first time. Not undercover, not for selling under the table or out of the trunk, but officially and including a sophisticated concept.

Unlike others that claim a Germany-wide regulation for the keeping and selling of venomous snakes we think to wait for such a regulation is illusive. Plus it would exclude our numerous guests from out of Germany. Since we prefer a controlled environment/show over business made in parking areas, and since we'd like to offer the venomous community a pleasant platform we have cooperated with breeders of venomous snakes, with a leading manufacturer of sophisticated cages and authorities to work out a concept that points out and controls the liability of vendors and potential buyers. For more information please refer to our web site at www.breeders-expo.de/home-E.html or the special section at www.breeders-expo.de/home-E/venomous-E.html

Best regards