View Full Version : Roxy takes a cricket

Denny Teasdale
16-01-10, 01:04 PM
Quick vid of my G. rosea taking a cricket...apologies for poor quality (mobile phone) and the B/G noise...lol Top Gear..! Surprised me just how quick she is...!!!

YouTube- Roxy takes a cricket

Michelle Howarth
16-01-10, 01:45 PM
Great stuff, she looks good in her new enclosure, Denny :D

Denny Teasdale
16-01-10, 01:48 PM
She looks tiny...!!! lol Thanks Michelle...

Stephen jordan
16-01-10, 05:11 PM
Hi Denny, great little spiders. How do feel now you have one? I sit and watch my Grammostola sp Concepcion all the time, she's always doing something in her tank. She took the edge off my fear completely. So have you thought about the next one yet?
Good luck with your new pet mate :)

Aaron Annal
16-01-10, 05:37 PM
lovely T denny my G rosea was my first T 17yrs ago and i still have her great pets :D

Denny Teasdale
16-01-10, 05:56 PM
Cheers lads...to answer your question Stephen on how I feel...I want another...she's had me watching her all day even if she is doing nothing...! Next one...definitely a GBB...just got to ease myself in with the mrs to get another...lol