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Martin Lees
04-03-13, 08:25 PM
Avicularia laeta


Adult female molted - may 2012
After a few months of trying to find a mature male,I managed to buy one late September 2012.I tried pairing them a couple of times with no luck,but after I witnessed a fresh sperm web in the males enclosure I paired them again and witnessed a good insert on 29/10/2012.
Her tank was placed on middle shelf for the next few months and she was fed a large brown cricket once a week.By now she had webbed herself a really thick tube web which I couldn't see to the bottom of.late December she was being fed twice a week and had started webbing up more so I started wetting her substrata a bit more and placed her tank on top shelf at 80'f.
Once a week I still pushed a cricket through a tiny hole I made in the top of her tube web.She was now not leaving the bottom of her tube web so I suspected there was an eggsack in there.I didn't want to risk disturbing her just to have a look though.
Early February 2013 I went to feed and top up her water I noticed lots of spiderlings and a few N2,s in the tube web.
I left them in there for a couple more weeks before I potted them up.
Total spiderlings- 110

Peter Roach
04-03-13, 09:07 PM
Golden balls strikes again :cool:

Martin Lees
04-03-13, 09:38 PM
Haha.cheers mate ;-) may the luck continue.Ive noticed my H.sp Colombia(large form) has layed a sack today.