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Cobalt blue (H.lividum) - extra care tips

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  • Cobalt blue (H.lividum) - extra care tips

    If anyone has any, please share them with me.
    I've had a read up on the species so I'm not completely in the dark on them.
    Just would really appreciate what all you experts think!

    Hope to hear from people soon,
    and hope everyone is all good

    Take care.

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    Hey Matt

    My personal opinion on them, not being an expert or anything, is that they scare the jeepers outa me lol.

    A stunning spider that are known to be very defensive, you also dont get to see them too often but when you do its is so worth it. Its one I dont keep simply because they are so defensive and known as a pet hole. I like to see my spiders so I dont tend to keep the burrowing species.

    I'm sure you'll get much better feedback from people that do keep them though.


    Give me all your Avics !!!!!


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      LOL Elaine, most of my Avics aren't exactly show offs either
      however it is true i almost never see my lividum. can be a bit of a pain cause i had one die at the bottom of its burrow and my only clue something was wrong was that the silk on the side of the sweet jar was in poor repair. poor thing!
      from what i've heard, they need ventilation (think that was what killed the first, lack thereof), and some moisture, though that may be seasonal.
      they tend to be good feeders though.
      i dunno, they seem hardy enough at times, but then they just drop. it's something i hear about from a few people...also my H albostriatum juve did the same thing...looked well, and then dead.
      i'm not the most passionate about the genus but you'll find a few on here who are and will probably know a heck of a lot more than me! just my very limited experience is all i could say.
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        Hi Matt, H. lividum are a really nice species but, as with a lot of Asian species you really have to be on your guard around them as they won't hesitate to bite and are quite unpredictable. I'm quite lucky in that my H. lividum doesn't seem to like burrowing and lives a terrestrial lifestyle which means I see a lot of it but chances are you won't see much of it if you get one as they spend all but a short time in the middle of the night in their deep burrows. However that makes tank maintainence a little easier as you can just cover their burrow with something and do what you need to do to the tank. Keep them pretty humid but not soaking with good ventilation, plenty substrate (at least 6 inches) and keep your concentration up and you'll be fine. Mine is a really good eater now. When I first got it was a bit neglected, lethargic & scrawny and it wouldn't eat but now its doing great.

        Good luck

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