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The Venezuelen Sun Tiger (Psalmopoeus irminia)

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  • The Venezuelen Sun Tiger (Psalmopoeus irminia)

    I would love to hear ANYTHING anyone knows about this apparently rare species.
    I am soon to become the owner of a sub-adult female as from this coming Wednesday.

    Thankyou all

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    Well, I don't think that spider is rare... It's less popular than P. cambridgei, but you can still get it quite easily.

    I provided you with a link to a detailed caresheet, although in my opinion it's not perfect.
    I think that the spider's venom shouldn't be classified as 'strong'.

    Anyway, it's a beutiful species and I wish you luck with breeding it in the future
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      I'd agree with that care sheet, they really are super fast even as slings and they are one of the more serious bites from the NW tarantula.
      I have a few at mo, they'll happily burrow with a tube web running up onto cork bark. Don't give them the opportunity to escape, its not fun trying to catch them.
      My Collection - Summer 2011


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        Thank you for your advice there people,
        I've saved the care sheet to my computer for future reference.
        I'm not sure I'm ready to start breeding spiders yet! Have only been in the hobby for just under a year!
        Maybe soon!

        Thanks again,
        all the best,