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    Ok my next T is going to be a P. Cambridgei sling and I have the set up all sorted, I know to feed once a week and spray once or twice a week to keep it from drying out however, am wondering how much to spray, few squirts from the water spray, will that do it? Obviously I will spray before putting it into it's new home, I just need to know how much or how little to spray.

    First spiderling and just wanting to keep myself right, thanks.

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    Squirt as much as everyone on RFUK told you to.


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      Hiya there, i know that getting your 1st sling can be quite dawnting but they are very easy to look after, I have recently bought a g. pulchura and a c. marshalli both being slings and i find they they are very happy with a quick squirt on the side of the enclosure for drinking and every now and then spray the substrate for humidity (not so much for the marshalli) also i normally feed them both 2 pin heads every 2-4 days as they are very hungry little monsters and are growing very well but the way i see it is, if they want to eat they will if they don' they wont cant really go wrong with T's

      Hope this help's (I know i'm new to this but I will try to help)

      Luke Horton


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        Originally posted by Luke Horton View Post
        also i normally feed them both 2 pin heads every 2-4 days as they are very hungry little monsters and are growing very well

        Hi Luke
        i think you will find that pinhead crickets are way too small for your slings. Number 1's or even possibly number 2's depending on the size of the slings would be much better.
        I have a few dozen marshalli and for their first feed they were given number 2 brown crickets, all were taken with ease. I feed all my slings once a week and the marshalli and darlingi slings are generally around 3-4 inches after 6-7 months on this feeding regime.


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          Congrats on the new spider!!
          P. cambridgei are pretty "bombproof" I am sure you will be fine as long as you keep the substrate moist .....Not sopping wet, feed it regularly and remove any items it does not jump on immediately - oh and give the little monster something to crawl under / hide underneath and web on / around it will thrive. What temp are you going to keep it at? I wouldn't allow yourself to get too obsessed with exact amounts of spraying, that's what I suppose I am really getting at, in my opinion it's just not something that's written in stone
          Congrats on a very cool classic arboreal. My mentor to all things invert had one that lived in a tall glass tank on his desk for I say pretty easy to please.
          Post a pic and show us when it arrives?