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Journal 29(2) late arrival

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  • Journal 29(2) late arrival

    Unfortunately I'm having to notify the members of the late arrival of the journal as its a little later than any of us had intended.

    There are a number of reasons for this which initially started with a lack of articles and subsequently more than we required, but also my personal health (nothing drastic but rather debilitating initially), and an accident with my computer which I've had to replace. Additionally numerous little issues which have conspired against us.

    We try to have a general deadline and our intention was for the journal to hit the doormats in June, obviously that hasn't been the case, so please accept my sincere apologies.

    I can confirm the printer has received our files today which includes not only the journal but also the membership pack. And we're in a great position for the following journal 29(3).

    I hope when you receive journal 29(2) you'll appreciate the work of over 50 hours, on my part alone, that has gone into it, as its looking (in my opinion) the best yet, full of some stunning photography and great articles.

    We're always trying to encourage articles, so if feel you can contribute please get in touch with Peter Kirk.
    My Collection - Summer 2011

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    I should add, to be fully inclusive, the additional hours provided by the editor Peter Kirk, and the rest of the committee, notably Stuart Longhorn with his very keen eye, and Guy Tansley who is also a very good at spotting mistakes i may have implemented. A huge thanks goes out to all of the committee in helping to make this a great journal, plus praise is due to Phil and Erin who will soon handle the distribution of the journal and membership pack.
    My Collection - Summer 2011