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  • BTS Journal 29(2) pdf

    Iím currently working on our electronic pdf for the new journal. I shall be making this an interactive pdf which should help to make this a more enjoyable experience. email and url addresses will be clickable, navigation around the document will be clickable and Iím building animated navigation into the pdf. Iím aiming to have this available this evening, earlier if possible. My apologies for the short delay but I hope you find this a more valuable pdf.
    My Collection - Summer 2011

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    The interactive pdf is now available from the members area.
    It contains clickable links throughout the journal, for all the email addresses and web addresses. It also has navigation throughout. click on the titles on the front page or the contents page at the back to go to the appropriate article. Use the navigation at the bottom of each page to go to the home page or the next/last spread. You can also move through the pages using the mouse wheel, or if you prefer you can use the bookmarks to navigate.
    I'll be interested to hear what people think as its something I may include in all subsequent pdf's.
    My Collection - Summer 2011