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Bugfest SW is back!

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  • Bugfest SW is back!

    Hello all, I'm Nick Wadham, mad on bugs of all shapes and sizes, been into them since I could walk and kept Ts for nearly twenty years as well as sticks.

    I am also lucky to be married to Kara who some of you know as the organiser of Bugfest, which incidentally is back in about six weeks. I'm such a lucky git to have my own entomological fair to go to.

    We've listened to the moans about parking and space which has resulted in a much larger venue with nigh-on limitless parking, and we have also enjoyed listening to the massess and massess of positive feedback we have also since recieved.

    We approach our event in a child and family orientated fashion with lots of interactive activities which many of you said was absolutely brilliant, because you saw many "non-bug" families converted to new enthusiasts.

    The next event on the 26th of July will be even better; it will also have all of the wonderful tables and stands of insect and arachnids and other inverts there to keep the die-hards such as myself happy as well as to lure the many hundreds of new and younger generations into our intricate web of arthropodical wonders and delights.

    Watch out for the new and improved admission procedure which is anticipated to reduce queueing times.

    Details are available on where you can buy advanced admission tickets by paypal, which will again speed the admission process up further. (See, we do listen).

    If anyone wants to get in free, then register as a volunteer; it's all on the website.

    Hopefully see you all there.