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  • South East Arachnid Show SEAS (KENT)

    Hi allfficeffice" />>>
    I represent the Invicta Arachnid Club and we are currently organising our first ever Invert show.>>
    After much organising the inaugural South East Arachnid Show will take place at the Ashford International Hotel just off Junction 9 of the M20 ( only 20 miles from ffice:smarttags" />lace w:st="on">Doverlace> for the European lads) on Sunday 30 January 2011 >>
    11.00 - 1700 Tables will be 20.>>
    Traders will be able to stay at the hotel on the Friday night at reduced rates if they wish.>>
    Alternatively on the other side of Junction 9 is Eurika leisure park boasting a Travel lodge and Premier inn, you also have a 12 screen Cineworld multi plex cinema, Arena Night club, Brannigans gym and swimming pool.>>
    Restaurants include Beefeater , Frankie & Bennies, Pizza hut, KFC, McDonalds & Burger King, so whether you are trading or buying there will be plenty to do.>>
    As Things progress i will update you on this thread.>>
    Since the Black Lion show ceased several years ago the South East of lace w:st="on">englandlace> has been sadly lacking in a good spider/invert show so we have done something about it, please support us.>>
    Please PM me for any further details or visit our main site: >>

    PS Keep an eye out for our advert in forth coming issues of the BTS journal >>

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    If you would like a booking form please pm me with your email address and i will send you a form to print.

    If you would prefer a paper form (through the post) please send me your address and i will get one out to you.

    we seem to have a glitch on the website where the form is not appearing.

    Why not book a few tables to sell off any of your excess breeding/unwanted inverts? Bring the kids along for a great day out.

    Dont miss out on the 1st ever South East Arachnid Show!!

    If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    All the best

    Invicta Arachnid Club


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      Hi All

      Booking forms for traders are available on the invicta website.
      S.E.A.S is only 3 months away now and as it is the first of what we hope will become an annual event we need this show to be a success and we need your help in this, please come and support us and add to your collection at the same time. I f you cant make it tell your friends in case they want to come, it is a lovely venue in a quality Hotel and SEAS will be well worth the visit.


      South East Arachnid Show (SEAS) Sunday 31-1-16 Ashford international Hotel jct 9 M20
      Why not make a weekend of it.


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        A quick update on current traders:

        TSS have booked tables
        BTS have booked tables
        Della Golding has placed bookings
        Peter Grabowitz will have a variety of species on offer and intends to bring along some species that were absent from Kempton AES.
        There are 3 tables of tank and 13 tables of equipment from a variety of traders
        There are 3 more livestock dealers with a total of 15 tables
        Invicta will have tables there as will at least one other arachnid club.
        Shop local shops have booked tables
        Gareth at Predator or Prey, Martin at mini-beasts, Custom Aquaria, House of Spiders and a variety of other dealers have also expressed an interest in tables.

        It is our intention to make sure that the show represents not only tarantula but an array of Inverts and with the help of some very well respected people we are approaching a variety of dealers to represent themselves at what we hope will be a very well stocked and attended annual show.

        Anyone interested in placing a booking should follow this link for a form:*wokRwuQJIRSggRV1xg

        If there are any traders you would like to see at the show please point them in the direction of this thread or ask them to get in touch with Alan.

        We're also getting lots of interest from people suggesting they'll be attending the night before for a social night, hopefully I'll have more details about this closer to the date.
        My Collection - Summer 2011


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          Tables are selling fast so if you would like a table for trade please email me at and I will then be able to advise you of further details. Further information on the show can be found on our website here:


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            we need you

            Hi all

            We have now taken enough bookings to fill the main hall, and it looks like the second hall will be quite full also.

            The Dealers have shown a lot of faith in us to book at a new show tucked away in the southeast corner of the country in the middle of winter, what we need now is a huge turnout so the dealers can make a nice profit and come back for SEAS 2012.

            The event will be advertised on KMFM radio Ashford 5 times a day for the 7 days before the show will be advertised in local press all over Kent, but it is you the true enthusiasts we will have to attract to make the show a success.

            I know SEAS will be too far for many of you but i would ask that those of you who are within a couple of hours travel of the show come and have a great day.

            There are great transport links to Ashford, the hotel is on jct 9 M20, Ashford international station is 35mins from london St Pancras on the high speed link or 55 to 75 mins from Waterloo,The station is 3 miles from the hotel.

            Ashford international Hotel is the largest conference hotel in Kent, the two halls are carpeted and central heated, there are a number of bars and eateries available at the hotel on the day to make SEAS a comfortable happy experience for all who attend and plenty of bargains as well.

            With your help SEAS will become a regular event on the Tarantula map.

            See you there.


            South East Arachnid Show (SEAS) Sunday 31-1-16 Ashford international Hotel jct 9 M20
            Why not make a weekend of it.


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              Anyone who wish's to book rooms at Ashford international the special price offer is only valid until 6th January (it was news to me) they need a credit/debit card to book the room and you pay on checkout. Quote Invicta Arachnid Club to book.

              South East Arachnid Show (SEAS) Sunday 31-1-16 Ashford international Hotel jct 9 M20
              Why not make a weekend of it.


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	SEASMainAdPic.jpg
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ID:	94032Hi All

                I was hoping if you could print off the attached SEAS leaflet and ask your local pet shops to display it.

                Remember we need a high turnout to convince the dealers to come to SEAS 2012

                Appreciate your help

                South East Arachnid Show (SEAS) Sunday 31-1-16 Ashford international Hotel jct 9 M20
                Why not make a weekend of it.


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                  Its getting closer and we're all getting excited. We have confirmed tables from the list below and we're also awaiting some last minute confirmations.

                  Jays exotics, (4 tables)
                  The Spider Shop, (5 tables)
                  House of Spiders,
                  Custom Aquaria, (3 tables)
                  Goss Brothers (mini-beasts), (3 tables)
                  Amazing Reptiles ( inverts and toys), (2 tables)
                  Peter Grabowitz, (4 tables)
                  Michael Scheller, (6 tables)
                  AES, (4 tables)
                  Invicta Arachnid Club (5 tables)
                  Peter Collins (livefood)
                  Della Golding
                  plus 3 private individuals selling their own stock

                  A number of traders are offering discounts at the show, including Michael Scheller with his large range of tarantula:

                  and Martin Goss (mini-beasts) with a 20% discount of his, mostly invert offerings:

                  Hope to see some names and faces at the bar of the Ashton Internation Hotel the night before. Oh and hear the singing now!
                  My Collection - Summer 2011


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                    Della Golding does not now have a table, she has moved to the west country and cannot attend.

                    The venue is

                    Ashford international Hotel
                    Simone Weil Avenue,
                    TN24 8UX

                    See you in the bar Saturday Night. ( going to stuff my face in Frankie and Bennies first, Chicken and Ribs Yum)

                    South East Arachnid Show (SEAS) Sunday 31-1-16 Ashford international Hotel jct 9 M20
                    Why not make a weekend of it.