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    Hi, my B.Smithi has just matured, he is building his sperm web as I type.
    if you are interested, let me know
    Cheers, Mike.

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    Hi, I sent an email to you about my spider a while back. Just in case you didn`t get my reply, here it is again!

    Hi John, thanks for your interest. He is still available, although I`m not
    quite sure of his behaviour at the moment .He has built another 3 sperm webs
    since I posted the first message, so I`m unsure if he`s fully `loaded`!
    I don`t want to post him anywhere, and I live in Brighton, so I`m hoping to
    find someone fairly close to me. I`m happy to drive 50 or so miles. Also, I
    have no plans to sell him (he`s a family pet after all!).
    Anyway, thanks again for your message.
    Cheers, Mike.

    Since my reply he has spun another 5 sperm webs that I know of, the last one was about a week ago.
    Hopefully this has clarified things, and thanks again for your interest.
    Cheers, Mike.


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      No, sorry.