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Males: subfusca, miranda, camb, chromatus

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  • Males: subfusca, miranda, camb, chromatus

    I have a number of males available for BTS 50/50 rules on any resulting slings:

    The A. geniculata moulted 15/06/09 so he's very fresh. I'll be using him on my 2 females in a weeks time and then he's up for posting.

    P. subfusca (highland) I have 2 of. One is out with a breeder and the other is nearing the 2 weeks as mature mark.

    P. miranda last moult 20/04/09 and is available now. A little small, showing small emboli so either mature or will be next moult.

    P. cambridgei matured but not sure when. He's quite plump so must have been fairly recently.

    N. chromatus matured on 29/06/09 so early days at mo but available soon.
    My Collection - Summer 2011