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    I've been on this forum lurking for a while, so I thought I'd come out of the woodwork This is my first tarantula breeding attempt.

    My female Kali moulted on the 8th June. I already had a MM which I'd bought off Steve Bryceland. On 23rd June, after Kali had eaten, I introduced the male to her tank.

    Nothing much seemed to happen that evening but the following morning they were both in her hide. The following evening saw some action. The male seemed very interested and kept going down into her hide. She chased him off a bit half-heartedly a few times but I eventually observed him tapping her legs and trying to lift her up, but didn't witness any insertion.

    Following that second night there seemed to be no more mating activity. On 26th June I was able to observe Kali's furrow and she appeared to have been mated.

    On 29th June I removed the male who will be sent out on loan later this week.

    Some pics. I will post an update if anything happens.


    the MM

    Kali's furrow

    both in her hide before I removed the male

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    Not like you to sit quiet Lisa :P lol

    Good luck with it all hope she drops a sac for you xx


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      I'm intimidated by all the knowledgable people on here hun


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        Great stuff! Digits crossed for you