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  • cyriocosmus elegans hatch

    Hi everyone,

    Success with Cyriocosmus elegans. I raised these from Spidershop spiderlings bought in August 08.

    01-05-09 - Paired.
    There was minimal courtship before the female dragged the male into her burrow and i was sure he was being eaten. He re-appeared after a few hours non the worst for it. I'd not heard of this from breeding reports i'd read - most reports seem to have them paired in new breeding containers and not in existing burrows. I've since paired C. leetzi and the same happened - it seems to be the Cyrio' way to drag them underground.

    02-07-09 - 2nd mating with the same male.

    19-07-09 - made egg sac

    02-09-09 - 46 days - removed and opened sac. 101 spiderlings.

    I am new to breeding and so did not want to incubate nymphs myself. I also didnt want to sift tiny spiderlings from substrate with a 'natural' hatch - ive done this with OBT's and it takes forever! - so iv'e been been watching the sac very closely since week4. Most online reports say 4 - 6 weeks for hatching. The sac noticeably 'plumped up' a few days ago so I finally took it from the female and opened it, to find 101 spiderlings, moulted and raring to go.

    I am chuffed to bits!

    All best

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    Well done Chris

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      congratulations on a good hatch chris