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cyriocosmus bertae - egg sac

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  • cyriocosmus bertae - egg sac

    Hi All,

    At the end of Nov paired 3 females (sourced spidershop as slings approx year ago) with a MM on loan from John Waite.

    All paired by putting female's open container into his larger one and leaving overnight, so minimal disturbance (and i can't be hanging around for the 1 - 2 hours these littluns take to mate) but little chance for photos.

    1 moulted - and going back in with him now she's ready again.

    1 thinking about it - she's gone to ground so i'm hopeful

    and one clutching a sac.

    Fingers crossed!

    (particularly as just before Christmas had 3 perez-milesi females hold a simultaneous midnight sac feast just a couple of days before the due date - ouch! - so i'm tip-toeing round them as i don't want a repeat of this)

    All best,


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    I'd be interested in a few babies if all goes well please


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      Great result chris. hope all goes well


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        Hi all,

        An update on these.

        The moulted female paired again and feeding well - fingers crossed.

        The paired female, gone to ground, produced a 'tatty' sac, clutched it for a couple of days then ate it.

        The third, with the sac, has held it for 5 weeks - and was very upset when i took it off her tonight. After my perez-milesi failure i've barely been able to wait this long.

        I cut a flap, lifted it up and out crawled a littlun. Just moulted by the looks of it. There are plenty more inside from what I can see but none of the others were in a hurry to exit so I've stuck the whole sac in an incubator until they're ready.

        Can't wait to see how many are in there.

        Thanks for comments - and i'll keep you in mind for when they're good to go.

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          Well done Chris, great job mate.




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            Well done buddy, great result!


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              Well done Chris

              My Collection:


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                If these are a success Chris and you sell them please can you keep me in mind for a couple please. Best of luck


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                  Just to wrap this one up - here's a couple of pics post hatch, the first after they had emerged from the sac - 89 in all, the second a week later once they had moulted. They are now feeding on micro-crickets and doing fine.

                  I'll be in touch with those who've expressed an interest once the weather warms - had a catastrophe posting John's 50% in the cold weather with half arriving dead or dying!

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