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Poecilotheria Tigrinawesslli

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  • Poecilotheria Tigrinawesslli

    Poecilotheria Tigrinawesslli


    Special Care
    Female was given a large Dubia roach once a week prior to pairing, male was bought from a guy in Greece.

    Male was shark tanked for one night then introduced to the female on 1st December 2011, where he co-habited for one week and was removed.
    I paired them again early January 2012, which the male then lasted until 15th February 2012, when he became a meal.

    Post Mating Care
    The temps in her tank were at around 75'f from December 2011, until February 2012.
    Early March 2012, her tank was soaked and then sprayed once a week.
    Late March I placed her tank on the top shelf at around 82'f.
    She was eating one large dubia roach a week.
    After the BTS show on 20th May 2012, Ray Gabriel gave me some invaluable advice; that evening I placed a pillow case over her house of spider 8x8x14 enclosure.
    To my surprise she webbed herself into her retreat and produced an eggsack on the 31st of March 2012.

    Time To Eggsack
    6 Months.

    Pulled Sack
    At 4weeks on 28th June 2012
    3 bad eggs, 50-60 N1's.

    6th June moulted into N2's.

    Final Details
    16th June all moulted to spiderlings.