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Poecilotheria formosa success

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  • Poecilotheria formosa success

    Poecilotheria formosa


    Special care
    AF was given either two large brown crickets or a large Dubia roach per week.
    Mm was collected from Sean Mackie on a 50/50 breeding loan.

    Male was shark tanked for one evening after I witnessed him doing a sperm web.He was then released into the females enclosure on 29th April 2012.He was eaten by her after two night of being together.

    Post mating care
    Her enclosure(House of spiders 8x8x14 )was kept at around 75'f for the next few months.Then around mid August the enclosure was placed on the top shelf at around 82' f,and she was fed approx 4 large brown crickets per week.I also covered her tank with a pillow case and wetted the substrata and left it to dry out.By early September she had started to web up all the back of the enclsosure.On 9th September,2012 I noticed an eggsack.

    Time to eggsack-4 months.
    I pulled the eggsack at 30 days and noticed around 80 EWLand some N2,s
    Within 2/3 days they were all N2,s
    16th October molted to n3,s
    29th October molted to n4,s (quite a rare stage confirmed to me by Craig mackay)
    After about a week they were all slings.
    TOTAL 89
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