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Lampropelma nigerrimum success

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  • Lampropelma nigerrimum success

    Lampropelma nigerrimum

    AF molted 5/10/12
    I received a MM from Paul Towler on a 50/50 agreement.
    I waited until I had seen him do a sperm web and introduced him into the females tank on 25/11/12.Nothing happened when I was up,so left in in overnight.Had a look in the morning and he had been killed and eaten.So I had no idea if he had got a good insert.A few weeks later one of my own L.nigerrimum mated into a mm so I put him in with female on 10/12/12.He went the same way as the first male.
    For the next few moths she was kept as normal on my middle shelf at around 75'f.Late January 2013 she was being fed a bit more than usual and looking quite plump so I put her tank on top self at around 82,f and wetted substrata.
    On 8/2/13 she started webbing up loads and constructed an eggsack.
    I left this with her for 48 days and decided to pull it.
    On opening the eggsack I noticed around 90+ N2,s.
    These were put into a newly constructed incubator with more airflow and humidity,using a house of spiders terrestrial enclosure.
    After a few weeks they molted into spiderlings.
    Total 88

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