Poecilotheria subfusca HL

3rd time lucky!
AF2 molted April/may 2013.one of my males matured in the commune I've kept together since 1st instar spiderlings.(approx 18 months)
First pairing was around late July 2013.male left in for a few weeks to co-habit then taken out.female was kept at a constant temperature on my bottom shelf at around 70'F.
I paired her again on 17/9/13 and a good insert was witnessed and I left the male in with her until he became a meal.
I fed her a bit more heavily after this and started overfilling her water dish until she webbed herself behind her cork bark hide.
Laid eggsack 29/11/13
Pulled eggsack 5/12/13 at 38 days. Mostly EWL
After around three weeks they molted to N2,s
Molted to spiderlings 18/1/14.