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P. subfusca lowland coloration

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  • P. subfusca lowland coloration

    Hello. I recently acquired a young P. subfusca. From the sellers words it was imported as P. spec "lowland". As far as I know, as adults they're lightly colored (brownish). At what stage do they start getting adult coloration (dark abdomen with partly faded folio, yellowish carapace)?


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    My P. subfusca all started colouring up nicely at about 2.5 inches, but I would say once they are 4 inches they start to look like more like adult colouration - I have a recently moulted P. subfusca lowland which is now adult, and she is gorgeous. There was a fair difference in the general look of her after that moult. Basically though, they start looking pretty at around 2.5 inches, and get more and more pretty each time they moult The first two pics are of my highland at around 3 inches, the 3rd is a lowland at about 2.5 inches, and the 4th is a lowland at about 4.5 inches - she has now moulted twice since then and is adult size - I keep meaning to get a good pic of her, she is very pretty....

    Have a good time all the time