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B.baumgarteni cooling infomation?

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    what i always do to get a sucsesfull breeding is:

    the room i keep my spiders in is 84f in the day and 79f at night.

    i would take my female out of the room put her in a room that is 60 - 69f for one week before I pair them. After all goes well I leave her in this same condition for another 3 weeks and she will not take as long as it can often take to produce an egg sac. Yet she still will may not drop it untill spring.

    this has worked for me for many years and it was always worked. (providing the female was succesfully mated) and the male was furtile.

    hope this helps

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    B.baumgarteni cooling infomation?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any infomation regarding cooling gravid B.baumgarteni.
    I have heard they won't prodouce if not cooled properly.