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  • All I want for Christmas

    Come on then Christmas is over , you have finished the turkey off and all the booze as gone. Spare a thought for your tarantulas and spend some time with them.

    What did you all get for Christmas.....was it that P.metallica you have yearned for or did they mishear you and just get you a Metallica album.

    Let us know and lets have pictures.

    What did I have........? No spiders Im afraid.

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    lots of money and useless gifts like this one.

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      I didn't have turkey on Christmas Day and I don't drink much alcohol. The Chicken Balti was fantastic and J2O with ice is a real eye popper! Did you not get any spiders? Oh, shame... I got loads. (No, I didn't get a single one actually). What DID you get then Ray?

      I have all the Metallica albums - I got some AC/DC instead! As for that skeleton set, how dare Mr Wright call it useless - I had to model for hours for that picture.

      I just fed all the arachnids, so that is done. I am now playing Deep Purple (Machine Head) and tucking into some Smarties... so that's me sorted.



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        Trev gave me money which I swopped for a ruhnaui,amiranda, an avic avic and a robustum, the rest was slippers and stuff like that, oh and wine from my boss.
        Happy new year all, Mary and Trevor
        spider woman at Wilkinsons


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          I got this from sarah.

          And he piled upon the whale's white hump, the sum of all the rage and hate felt by his whole race. If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon it.


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            We now have a comunity of mettalica . But I have a suspicion one could be a hybrid

            Ian M



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              Originally posted by C S Portman
              ! As for that skeleton set, how dare Mr Wright call it useless - I had to model for hours for that picture.

              Really I thought Richard Gallon posed for it

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                Hi All
                No spiders here for xmas, most people who know me well got me boxes of stella other than that i did get a pair of Darth Vader slippers

                G Wright
                Really I thought Richard Gallon posed for it
                I do believe Carl pipped Richard to smallest / skinniest last time there was a get together


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                  No, Richard Gallon had thinner wrists than me, but to the disappointment of us both, neither of us won the thinnest of thin men award. That particular accolade went to the one and only Stuart Longhorn. Now he is THIN! Got wrists like a pull-through for a rifle. Lovely chap though.

                  And just thinking about the advantage of thin wrists - if he locks himself out of his house, he can get his whole ARM through the letter box to try and reach up and open the door from within.

                  Tee hee. Such fun we had in those Halcyon days of yesteryear. Sigh


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