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Annandaliella ernakulamensis sp. nov.

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  • Annandaliella ernakulamensis sp. nov.

    • JOSE, K. S. & P. A. SEBASTIAN (200: Description of two Mygalomorph spiders from south India (Araneae: Barychelidae, Theraphosidae). Revta Ibérica de Aracnología 15: 29-34.

      Present paper describes two species of spiders discovered during a study on the diversity of spiders of Kerala state, India. These species belong to the genera Sason (Barychelidae) and Annandaliella (Theraphosidae). Annandaliella ernakulamensis new species discovered from Ernakulam is characterized by a tibial apophysis in the form of short broad lobe of comb like series of stout black spines and a characteristically different stridulatory spines on the chelicerae. Sason robustum is a redescription of the species based on a new specimen. Both species are illustrated and fully described during the study. SEM studies were undertaken in A. ernakulamensis sp. n.
    »ARACHNE« – The Journal of the German Arachnology Society