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  • kelly murray


    I have been a keen observer of tarantula's and other arachnids for quite a long time now. It has been the last few years which i have decided to start a small lovable collection.
    I now have:
    A Grammastola Aureostriata (Chaco Golden Knee)
    A Aphonopelma Seemani (Costa Rican Zebra)
    A Haplopelma Lividum (Cobalt Blue)
    (the above are all females)
    10 Citharischius Crawshayi (King Baboon) spiderlings about 1-1'half inches each.

    Although last but not least a 3ft 6 inch milk snake.

    Hope to share and receive advice from you all.

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  • Andy Wood
    Hi all.
    New to the Forum but long time member of the BTS. Not sure why I
    haven't been active on the Forum before now. Been keeping Tarantulas since
    1992 still have my L.parahybana that I bought that year as a juvenile. she's
    looking good.
    Quick list....
    G spatulata x3
    L parahybana x1
    N chromatus x3 spiderlings
    B smithi x2 juv
    C crawshayi x3 spiderlings
    B schroederi x3 spiderlings

    and 3 Damon variegatus (2 whiplings) fascinating but weird whip scorpions.

    There's one tarantula I have I'm not sure of Id got as unidentified
    spiderling, think may be Psalmopaeus sp I'll post a picture up and hopefully
    someone can identify it for me.
    Am intending to extend the collection a bit over the next few months and
    know I'll be able to pick up a lot of info from the Forum.....


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  • Robert Martin
    Hi people,
    Welcome to all you newbies...!

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  • Mrs Linda Street
    Hi Grant, welcome to the forum.

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  • Grant Brown
    Hey everyone,

    Just thought I'd say a quick hello - I'm Grant and I joined the BTS a few days back.

    I'm currently a SH student studying Ecology and Conservation, and just now I am studying harvestmen diversity/ species richness in managed coniferous forests.

    I've been into tarantulas for a while, but academically for only about a year or so. Nice to meet you all anyway, I look forward to chatting!

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