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  • Hi all!

    I am also from South Africa, but the town I come from is like a village compared to Pretoria where Rian is from,its called Hartbeespoort...
    Anyway, I have kept tarantulas for about 2 years now, and very recently started collecting scorpions as well, at this stage my collections consists of 20 T's and 13 scorps.

    It is always nice to learn something new, and I am sure the BTS is a endless pool of knowledge...can't wait to learn more!!!
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    • hi all im new


      • A big welcome to all the new members,

        it's nice to see world wide activity here, please post away and share your pictures and experiences.
        Don't forget to learn what you can, when you can, where you can.

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        • Just saying YO!

          Hi all,
          My name is.... well you can see what that is. I'm from the wirral (north-west).
          I'm a lover of all animals of any kind, and can not stand cruelty of any kind to creature no matter what it is. I have recently got back into keeping Tarantulas after a gap of almost 20yrs. Even then i only had the one Chilli Rose lol!

          I now have a B. Smithi but want to expand. I am looking to learn as much as i can about the hobby, so i will probably do a lot more reading of the forum than posting compared to others. But felt i should at least say hello!The reason i first got into T's was becuase the fascinated me and are relatively easy and cheap to kep as a pet! I can spend hours watching them. I am also a member on the MISC forum, were i have found the member to be really welcoming and helpful just as i'm sure you guys are.

          As for other things i'm into..... i love my Football (L.F.C fan), I love films and the cinema, and also motorbikes and the TT races......

          As for anything else you want to know then please do ask, i'll answer anything


          • Hi all,

            I'm Peter from Hungary. I'm keeping, breeding and trading tarantulas since 2004. I entered the hobby with one of my dearest childhood friend and we do it still together. Through the years we collected many species, doesn't matter if it was arboreal, ground, burrow or bush dweller, we gave a chance to all of them to know as much species as we can. We had several succesful cocoons (P.cambridgei, P.irinia, B.emilia, P.regalis, H.maculata, P.murinus, H.hercules, etc...). Our breeding harem counts 20-25 adult females, some subadults and a few males. In the kindergarten we have a few dozen of juveniles and a few houndred of spiderlings. We made a lot of deals and have a lot of satisfied customers at Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Thailand and in the United Kingdom. I hope that I will learn a lot at this forum and what I share that will be useful for others.


            • Hi Peter, welcome to the forum


              • Welcome Peter , hope to see you in the chat room again soon .


                • I made a few posts a couple years ago, but I have not been active on this site for a while. Anyway, here is my re-introduction as I hope to be more active over here now. I'm currently keeping over 85 species of tarantulas and so far have had successful eggsacs with just about 1/3 of those we keep. Hopefully as the year progresses I'll be able to increase that number. I look forward to sharing information with others on this site and hope to gain insight on some aspects that I may have missed.



                  • Hi Joey, welcome back to the forum, good to see you're having success with the eggsacs


                    • Hello!

                      Hello everyone!

                      My name is Simon and I'm the new owner of a Chaco Golden Knee tarantula! Her name is Zelda and she's a female in the early stages of adulthood.

                      This is my first spider and I joined this forum so that I could learn as much as I could about this beautiful family of arachnids.

                      I had some questions about my spider and the habitat I am keeping her in and was wondering, what sub-forum is an appropriate place to post my info and questions? Thanks for having me, I'm excited to learn and explore this wonderful hobby!
                      My Spiders:
                      Grammostola pulchripes (Named Zelda)


                      • G'day,

                        I'm David, but mostly known as "Hairy" and have been a BTS member for about a year, though have only recently started using the forum.

                        I live on the Isle of Man with my lovely (and very understanding) fiancee, Chrissy, and work as Operations Manager for a branch of Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies.

                        My fascination for Ts started about 35 years ago at the tender age of 12 when I first saw a B.smithi in a local pet store, however any suggestions about keeping one was invariably met with a resounding "No!" from my mother.

                        About 2 years ago my nearest-and-dearest asked me what I'd like for Christmas and I half-jokingly said, "A scorpion". To my utter amazement she agreed and shortly later I was in possession of a beautiful P,imperator. Unfortunately Chrissy wasn't as smitten as I.

                        I mentioned my childhood interest in Ts and she said that if I promised not to get any more scorps I could have as many spiders as I wanted.

                        Result! My dream of 34 years became a reality.

                        I obtained a deightful SAF G.rosea (WC) and as soon as she settled-in realised that I wanted more. Many, many more.

                        Next were 5 P.regalis slings (CB), closely followed by a SA G.pulchra (CB), a SAF P.rufilata (CB), a SAF G.pulchripes (WC), 3 P.cancerides slings (CB) and my latest beastie a SA P.murinus.

                        My hobby was almost cut short after the first 6 months or so, shortly after knocking over my recently restocked cricket enclosure. I was amazed at how quickly 50 large black crickets can just disappear! Having recaptured roughly half of the wee beasts I decided silence was the best way forward. That woud be my silence and not, unfortunately, the silence of the adult male crickets who took up residence in our airing cupboard, situated in the bedroom.

                        We're speaking again now....

                        I hope to be able to make the BTS dinner next year and meet up with some of you.

                        A great society with excellent resources, I look forward to being a BTS member for many years to come.

                        (If I can be of any help in any way, pease ask)

                        Cheers All,



                        • Hello Everyone,

                          I am new to the forum and new to the hobby. I have always had a hidden interest in huge spiders and recently came across a few videos on You Tube and the beast was unleashed. So I am trying to determine what type of tarantula to get as a beginner, also I am in the North East of the United States and wondering where to confidently order my new pets. All in all I am hear to learn and enjoy this exciting new frontier.


                          • Hi all

                            Am just about to get my 1st spider soon a chilen rose-hair.
                            Am a bit stuck on where to place the spider. I got i few place in mind, that are out of sun in the livingroom or is the livingroom not a good place to put the spider?.
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                            • Hi John,

                              If you or any of your household smoke in the living room you should situate her elsewhere as I believe nicotine to be extremely toxic to inverts.

                              The other consideration is the amount of traffic near her enclosure - as you'll probably be aware, they are extremely sensitive to vibrations (just watch how quick they pick up on the movement of prey animals).



                              • Hello, this is my first post on the site!

                                I got back into keeping tarantulas february this year after a long break, i currently have the following

                                Juvie Paraphysa Scrofa
                                Slings, A.Iodius, Euathlus sp Red, C Fasciatum, P lugardi and 2 P Metallicas!!

                                Hope to learn loads from all you knowledgeable people on here as i am still very much a newbie!!

                                Kind Regards