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  • Hello everyone,

    I've been in the hobby for about 18 months now, and have been making a gradual descent into the world of Asian species. Currently own Lampropelma, Cyriopagopus, Haplopelma, Chilobrachys, Selenocosmia and Poecilotheria, as well as a Psalmopoeus.

    Look forward to speaking with you all. I already see a few familiar faces - hi to Phil and Lee


    • Hello I to am a newbie got my first T in march an love him he is is a Chilean rose on his second malt first was with pet shop now totally hooked and looking at getting my next one


      • Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum and am out to learn as much as I can - especially about the Ts I keep which are several Brachys, a few Avics, a C.marshalli sling, G.pulchripes juvie, E.truculentus and a gravid E.sp violet.

        I know a few on here already - Martin, Mike, Tom, Lee and Phil (hi guys )
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        • Hi Claire, welcome to the forum,& prepare to have your mind expanded,..


          • Originally posted by martin hudson View Post
            Hi Claire, welcome to the forum,& prepare to have your mind expanded,..
            Thanks, Martin! I'm bracing myself as I type!


            • Hello Claire


              • Originally posted by Phil Lilley View Post
                Hello Claire
                Cheers Phil


                • Hi Claire! Must start using this forum myself!
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                  • Originally posted by Lee Dawson View Post
                    Hi Claire! Must start using this forum myself!
                    Hi Lee - it's the wealth of info I'm after!!


                    • Heya,

                      Errrm I'm so bad at this XD

                      I've been in the hobby for a while, got a Chile Rose a few years back and have acquired a few more species since. This is the first attempt to do the social thing though ^^;


                      • Hi guys, I'm Vicki. 22. Own around 30 (give or take) T's just now along with a scorpion, snake and one true

                        I love this hobby and joined the BTS to learn more and take more in.


                        • Hello all. My name is Kate (obviously) and I have just rejoined the BTS after letting my membership lapse several years ago. At one point I had 30+ tarantulas but reduced my collection and currently have 5 - 1 AF G. rosea RCF, 1 SA male P. regalis, 1 sling L. parahybana and 1 adult / 1 SA female G. pulchras.

                          I have recently decided to get back into the hobby so rejoined the BTS and just placed an order for some new slings.

                          Looking forward to getting back into this community and hopefully attending the BTS expo next year.

                          Also was wondering if anyone knows of any good retail shops in the Bristol area for buying spider supplies? There are a few herp shops, but the only one I've visited didn't have the appropriate substrate for Ts.
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                          • Kate,

                            Welcome to the Forum

                            Would you be interested in selling or loaing your Male P.Regalis for breeding 50/50 as I have a an adult female which is ready for pairing please let me know as I am desperate for a male P.Regalis.

                            I have inboxed you as well, but not sure it has sent.

                            please let me know either way you can inbox me if you like

                            Kind Regards

                            Craig Toon


                            • Well I guess I best make this my first post! Probably a long post I am afraid, including a topic I gather has been done to death .

                              I am a 3rd year Electronic Engineering student living in Leeds and very new to keeping tarantulas. Spent many a night on youtube during the summer watching videos from Rob C et al, which really peaked my interest. Got myself a juvenile Brachypelma Albiceps other day from TSS and converted a klip-lock box with vents/air holes to house her, although it will be a temporary enclosure as I didn't realise how translucent the material was . Got a house of spiders enclosure on its way which will make viewing her a lot better.

                              Keeping a heat mat, with thermostat, on one side of the enclosure as my room is normally 18-21C, as that is where I am comfortable, so need to supplement the heat a little. I know they can survive at those temps, after reading Schultz's work, but I also read they become sluggish and lose appetite at sub-22C . Sadly I can't touch the thermostat for the home central heating as I am not the one footing the fuel bill, so a heat mat is my only adequate option as I can't see any alternative. The T seems drawn to the heated side of the enclosure and in a 'stress pose', which I guess is normal behaviour seen as I only got her 4 days ago? Do not like heat mats as they seem to heat one tiny portion of the enclosure and beyond that nothing at all.

                              My final year project is temp/humidity controller for an Exo Terra glass viv as I couldn't find an alternative to heat mats or heating a room. Hoping I can get some advice as my parameters are that it should be suitable for a T, i.e. no light emitting heat sources, etc. Hopefully will heat the enclosure a lot better than a heat mat and have some features like dropping the temperature levels or turning off at night. Of course I would seek someone more experienced than me to take a look before putting a living creature in such a system.
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                              • You don't need to worry too much about the heating. Heat mats are quite good actually for only heating one area of the tank, because it means the T can self-regulate by moving towards or away from the mat. However you will probably find your T will be permanently glued to the mat, that is normal in my experience :P

                                Those House of Spider tanks look fantastic. Something to save up some pennies for maybe.

                                Congrats on your first tarantula. I look forward to hearing about you getting your second, and third, and so on...