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Tarantula as a pet?

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  • Tarantula as a pet?

    My friend have Tarantula as a pet, he's always worrying about his feeding i am also want Tarantula but i have aiready one cat, issue is feeding when i am searching about it i found one deal at halloween coupons, pet feeding can you guys tell me about Tarantula is dangerous for cat?
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    1) Your tarantula shouldn't be allowed to come into contact with any other animals.

    2) Feeding tarantulas once a week or so is adequate on suitable size feeders. Feeder bugs about the size of the spiders abdomen and carapace will be readily taken by most. For adult spiders you'll be best feeding roaches, pound for pound they are more nutritious than crickets/locusts. You might have to feed a couple of feeders at a time depending how substantially the spider will be fed.