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  • Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

    Just picked up my new T after work, and Im really chuffed. Shes had a little walk round but I know it will take a while to settle in. I cant wait to see it start to web...

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    A very nice T mike.. one for my future collection I think..


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      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Very excited!!!!)

      That's a cool spid' Mike, I'm jealous!! Yours is bigger than mine (oo-er!)

      I expect by the time you read this it will be creating it's new home?? Mine's webbed the tub to death and feel bad every time I lift the lid coz it pulls half of it out!

      Oh, and check out my latest happened!! lol


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        lol Im sooo chuffed. Now she needs a name!!

        After about an hour she was off webbing a bit, not alot. Im hoping she'll do more over night and I expect to be watching for most of it!!!

        Latest post!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.


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          A name.......hmmmm

          I started naming mine along the lines of their common name like Red, and Curly but I've got too many now!!


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            Well so far I have

            Rosie - G. rosea (not original I know)
            Vala - B. smithi
            Jacy Bee - A. seemanni
            Cruella - A. geniculata
            Harry - T. blondi
            Pink - L. parahybana

            The slings I havent named, only when they're bigger

            Just the GBB to go, and she is a stunner.....


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              Brill! I love Harry as although I know the reason for the choice I still think names like that are brilliant!

              And Jacy Bee is my favourite so far! Very clever!

              I have a 6ft Boa Constrictor called 'Cuddles'!


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                Nice one Mike.

                I have a sling, I can't wait till it's starts to get it's adult colours.



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                  This is after the first night. I stayed up till about 1am watching her webbing, very impressive


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                    Wow! it's mad isn't it!? Like something out of a film!! Cool pic!