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A 'few' new pictures of my T's

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  • A 'few' new pictures of my T's

    I had nothing better to do today, so I thought that I would update some of my pictures and thought that I would share.
    ~1st up is my B. Albopilosum. My beautiful girl ... She was the start of all this maddness, and is now a fully mature girl of 5 years old.
    ~ Not a great picture, but this is my young male B. Albop. I am hopeing that one day we will have baby bops!!!
    ~ G. Rosea. This little one was a Spring Newark sale last few pennies job! It cost me the almightly sum of ... 1.00! S/he has grown up so much this last year.
    ~ A Kettering buy this year, it was down as a Paraphysa sp. 'North' ... I am thinking it could possibly be a Paraphysa Manicata (?) If you know, please let me know too.
    ~ Have to admit to not being overly fond of the B. Vangans, but as I have many of the other Brachy's, I thought, "Why not?"
    ~ My beautiful B. Emilia female. She is stunning! Of course her name is Emilia!!!
    ~ And my male B. Emilia, I was hopeing for another female
    ~ Little Miss Grumpy My stunning A. Geniculata just out of a moult and looking great!
    ~ My star buy at the Kettering!! I went there hopeing for one of these and didn;t see this little darling to the last minuet My other half said my smile was amazing when I walked away from the table clutching this box! We came home after buying it as we did not need to spend anymore... not to mention we had clubbed together with our last pennies for it. I have everything crossed that I have a female!!!
    ~ This old girl has been around a far while, she was given to my other half as a full adult and he then passted her to me a year ago. We really do not know her real age, but I think she is smart! A. Seemanni
    Now for tiny crew...
    ~ My tiny A. Iodius, a real little babe
    ~ Another tiny, B. Auratum.
    ~ One of the two B.Boehmei I have.
    ~ And the one that is a tad older, now starting to show some good colouring.
    and one more that the other half gave me...
    ~ This would not be one I would buy myself, but it would be nice to see if they grow up to look half as pretty as the pictures say they do!!

    Hope you enjoyed looking at them

    Also dragged the brood out at the week end and got these couple of pictures..
    ~ I think it is a Green Tiger Beetle.
    ~ Not sure what this is??
    ~ and this cheeky fly. I was amazed at how close I got to it before it flew off. I was almost touching it. I love this picture lol
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    Nice collection and great pics!
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      Originally posted by patsyking View Post
      Nice collection and great pics!
      Thanks Got a M.Robustuma and another A.Bicoloratum on order soon, so expect more pictures soon lol
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