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a few from James Quintons collection

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  • a few from James Quintons collection

    freshly molted 'desert blonde'[/IMG]


    'Stout legged baboon'


    My personal favourite....H.sp 'viatnam'

    hope you like? will try and get some of my H.Gigas slings and Avics slings too.....

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    James, we have two the same there. How old is your desert blonde? looks a bit chunkier and hairier and blonder than mine pmsl! Your GBB is beautiful. How old are they when they start to show their colours? And what are they like with feeding at 2nd instar stage? Ive read most Ts start feeding at 2nd instar but some wait until 3rd instar, do you know what GBBs are like? I gave her a cricket but it was so small I cant see the bloody thing and I don't know if that means she's eaten or I just can't see it. She is finally settled in (has taken her 3 and a half days compared to Rio the A.chalcodes settling in after just 1 day!)

    Do slings lay webbing? She's holed herself up in her hide moved a bit of substrate in front of it and I can see what looks like some webbing when i accidentally nudged it while searching for the cricket. Not sure if you've had your GBB since a sling, but as you do have slings thought I'd ask you!

    Your other Ts are lovely too, but I don't think I'll be copying you with the other choices. desert blonde's and GBBs are friendly creatures, dont really fancy an OBT, or any particular baboon - your a brave man James!

    J x
    Owner of:
    A. chalcodes "Rio", X.immanis "Cuervo" and OBT sling "Salsa"

    Mummy of:
    Yelina (4 yrs old, RIP GBB juvie "Kama")
    Blake (2 yrs old, owner of juvie L. parahybana "Nachos")


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      Hello Joanna, the GBB is 5 years old they start to show there colours at around the 1 year mark depending on how fast the individual grows, as for the A.chalcodes, couldnt tell u age as she was bought from the spider shop as wild caught, but she molted about 3 days ago and sexed her molt as female, she still has some growing to do though so she might be between the 3/5 year old mark. As for the feeding sling side of things, some of my sings will eat small brown crickets even though they seem the same size as the sling! the others are fed pin head crickets till they seem to be getting bigger and are cmftable with feeding on crickets, then i'll go up a size, you'll know when they start eating as there abdoman will appear bigger, dont worry if you havnt seen them eat or seen the cricket, it'll take a few pinheads to build up the abdoman, as for the webbing, yes they are capable to an extent, my slings lay down webbing, which to me is a good sign as there waiting to catch food items and are 'making themselfes at home'! you could always try small crickets see how it gets on with that? let me know either way! Your more then welcome to e mail me PM me if you want any other advice.