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  • My smithi's moult

    Well i finally got the footage ive been after, and finally got it sped up.
    the only bad thing is that i missed the first flip... which was anoying. but doesnt matter too much. also ive cute out alot of the footage from him being on his back, because he did nothing for about an hour, so it would have been a bit boring for an internet vid etc.

    so i give you..

    Spidey's moult

    [ame=""]YouTube - Mexican red knee moult[/ame][ame=""][/ame]
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    Hey "sithlord", that is a great video. The music goes really well. The spooky kid singing is just spot on. Makes a change from the usual thrash metal that is on youtube. Shame about not getting the flip though.

    Really enjoyed those 7 minutes.
    Gloria my little Brachypelma smithi.


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      Excellent, a nice pleasant change to the norm both visually and audio.

      I think you should make that available as a short dvd to be used in conjunction with any talks members on here do for schools etc, obviously giving full credit to yourself.

      I would be prepared to use that (i'd pay for your time, postage and materials) for the next talk i give, PM me if you fancy passing on a copy Jason.
      Don't forget to learn what you can, when you can, where you can.

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        What a good idea Colin. My young son James starts school in September and I fancy the idea of doing a talk at some point during his time there. Its only a small class (4! yes 4!!) and that video would be a great aid.
        Gloria my little Brachypelma smithi.


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          well i wasnt expecting that! lol... id be honoured to have it shown at schools etc. once ive sorted myself out, and got a few more T's its something i want to do myself, so yeah that would be super.

          anyone else that wants a copy just ask and ill pm you the details, and dont worry abuot paying for anything, it cant cost much to send a disk in the post. so thats fine
          what ill do, if anyone wants, send me a pm, and then i'll send the original, and edited versions etc.

          cheers for the reponses guys, nice to hear the vid was good.

          (also if you would like, (i want to do this anyway - think it would be a good idea) is add a picture of "spidey" in his colouful new skin at the end, to show his body etc.. good idea??)

          and i know wot u mean about all that heavy rock stuff and evil music etc.... yeah sometimes its ok.. and i do like heavy rock... but it doesnt help in giving T's a good name in my opinoin
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            Jason...the idea of the "finished product" at the end of the vid would be a great idea..
            Have PM'd you my address....thanks for the offer....i'll reinburse you with spiderlings mate
            Don't forget to learn what you can, when you can, where you can.

            Please Support CB Grammostola :- Act Now To Secure The Future


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              ok.. as you know ive pm'd you... and ive edited the vid. added the new ending, ive also changed the original link... but its here anyway...

              [ame=""]YouTube - Mexican red knee moult[/ame]

              and also... man im a busy little bee... lol

              ive made 2 cd's... well 1 so far, but next is the dvd. firstly the cd. which contains the original unedited footage.. ie not sped up etc. then theres both edited versions, and the pic ive used at the end
              the dvd will have just the final edit on

              (if you just want the cd with it all on, so you can burn it to a dvd urself, just ask)
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                what do ya all think of the new ending? could it be any better? or do you reckon thats ok for the movie.....


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                  before i take andrews disk to the post office, does anyone want a copy, last chance before i forget again lol... you have till hmmm.... i reckon about 3.00pm to reply, on this or pm.. email etc.. msn.. wotever.. dnt matter etc etc... and sorry all for my ....'s. i seem to like them......................................


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                    My wife and i have just watched this video it is fantastic
                    really brilliant well done you


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                      thanks very much. glad people enjoy it


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                        Brilliant video
                        My Collection: