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Aphonopelma moderatum in situ

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  • Aphonopelma moderatum in situ

    Here are some pics from my most recent trip to see Aphonopelma moderatum in the wild. Ive been lucky enough to see them several times, and it never gets old. The thrill definitely never goes away!

    This is one of the burrows. Its typical of most of the desert dwelling species in Texas.

    My good friend Jared Deily flooded the burrow to get the female out.

    This is my favorite sight. Im actually getting this view tattooed on the top of my foot. Except the legs will be reaching out a bit, as if the spider is climbing out of the burrow, lol.

    And out she comes.

    My bucket of photos

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    That is cool, but can i ask a question this T is a female if she had an egg sack would she also bring it up with her when it was been flooded? just a thought
    Luke Anthony