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Like the other thread..... Spiders in the wild

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  • Like the other thread..... Spiders in the wild

    Seeing as larry has done it, i may as well post a couple of pics ive taken (with my mobile phone) of a few spiders that live in my bedroom, garden and bathroom lol

    and my fav pic of my wild english spiders

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    What happend to the spider at the top it look's like it had one to many but i do like the garden spider at the bottom have you ever seen the way they wrap their prey it's brill and fast
    Luke Anthony


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      lol. its always like it. it just sits in and around my bathroom like that all the time. its def still alive, but it just hunches up.
      i now believe its some kind of orb weaver.
      (bottom pic looks exactly the same)
      but apparently they live on steel objects under bridges etc... so why its in my bathroom ill never know lol.
      actually... now im not so sure... lol. still im sure its an orb weaver of some sort. i could collect it and look after it, feed it etc. see if it moults and changes any more? could be a laugh.. and free.

      and yeah i love watching garden spiders catch prey. when i was a "tiny" person i used to love cathing flies and feeding the spiders. great fun!!


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        Now that is a strange spider,and i used to do that to when i was younger (O wait i still do but with T's) catch the odd fly and gently place it on the web of any spider and watch them wrap it up well the best to watch are the coal shead spider's they just run out and grab the prey and straight back in and that was that
        Luke Anthony